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YOUR CRAZY FAMILY: Monopoly on Mortified

Submitted by Anonymous

I’m 14, and I just started dating this guy who I’ve had a crush on forever. When I told my mom that we started dating, she immediately called his mom and invited his entire family over for game night at our house. My family is extremely competitive. Every Sunday we have this game night, where we play charades, monopoly, pictionary whatever we feel like doing that week. Unfortunately, his family accepted my mom’s invitation, and now I can never make eye contact with him again.

Our moms were on the same team, and after his mom did a bad job of miming “The Secret Life of Pets” during the last round of charades, MY mom jumped up from the couch and screamed:

“ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS??? Did you really think I would guess ‘pets’ from THAT?? MY PET CAT SPRINKLES COULD HAVE DONE A BETTER JOB!”

Guess I can kiss that relationship goodbye.

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