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Ask Mom & Spawn: Diving Back Into ‘The Sperminator Sea’

sea of sperminators

“Hi ladies! Without going into too much detail, the last year as been really tough on my fiance, and it really changed his attitude and behaviour. When we talked about it, he agreed that he needed to go to counseling and start focusing on getting back to the person he was. A couple of weeks ago, he broke off our engagement so he could “really focus on himself and being the man he was”. But he still says that he wants us to end up together, and right now we still live together. I’ve tried to tell him that if he wants time apart, we should take space and distance to see other people and try new things, but he seems to be in “limbo” where he doesn’t want the responsibility of being with me but he doesn’t want to lose me either. What do you think I should do? Wait for him to get his life back together, or date other people and see where things go?” – Dana

@CrazyJewishmom: Change. The. Locks. Honey, I’m sorry that you’re going through this, but this guy is a mess.

@KateESiegel: Yeah, I think everyone goes through tough times, but you have to look at how he responds in those stressful moments to really understand what a life together would be like. It sounds like you’ve been incredibly supportive and kind with him, and it doesn’t bode well that his response to whatever issues he’s been having this past year is to turn on you and break your engagement. You’re the one person in his corner, on his team, and it seems like he’s pushing you away. Is that someone you want to depend on and keep in your corner for the rest of your life?

@CrazyJewishMom: Dana, get up from your computer right now. Are you up? I’m serious. Get up, get dressed (boobs out), and get back to swimming in the sperminator sea! This guy is history. There is so much manmeat that would kill to go out with someone as nice as you, so cut your losses, and get back out there. And keep the apartment. Let him move out. Throw his clothes onto the driveway. I did that once. Very effective.

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