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@DrinksInLosAngeles’ Holiday Drinking Guide: Because Wine is Cheaper Than Family Therapy

Image Courtesy of Instagram/@DrinksInLosAngeles

Kelli King, the booze enthusiast and cocktail connoisseur behind @DrinksInLosAngeles shared her holiday drinking guide, and it’s #amazing.

The holidays are full of family, fun, gifts, giving and, if you’re like me, booze. Drinking and the holidays go together like bagels and lox – a classic pair not to be messed with. We all have lots of reasons to drink during the holiday season. Check out a few of my favorites below.

1. I spent too much on gifts, so now I have to drink $6 wine


Gif Courtesy of Instagram/@DrinksInLosAngeles

No, the $6 does not include a glass or a corkscrew. Good thing this bottle’s a twist off.
Velvet Moon // Cabernet Sauvignon // Trader Joe’s

2. My family is driving me crazy


Image Courtesy of Instagram/@DrinksInLosAngeles

Any spirit, sometimes over ice. Serve with a slice of citrus if you don’t want your protective Aunt to think you might have “a problem.”
Jameson on the rocks // Black Rose Tavern // Los Angeles, CA

3. I’m having an accidental high school reunion at my hometown bar


Try not to let your best friend order a round of shots for the bar on your tab. Also try not to give your ex-ex-ex boyfriend too much side eye.
Empty Glasses // Tipsy Goat // Thousand Oaks, CA

4. I’m drinking on vacation


Image Courtesy of Instagram/@DrinksInLosAngeles

Make it something tropical. Calories don’t count on islands. Or when you’re forced to spend time with your awful cousin, Karen, who won’t stop talking about her new boyfriend, Mark, who she is, “like totes marrying.”

Piña Colada // Green Chili // Hoi An, Vietnam

5. BONUS: Wellness Shots (If you live in Los Angeles)


Image Courtesy of Instagram/@DrinksInLosAngeles

These are great for hangovers and those nasty colds brought on by the harsh California winters. 😉
The Wellness Shot // Pressed Juicery // Locations Across the United States

About Kelli:
Kelli King is the booze enthusiast behind @DrinksInLosAngeles. In her free time, she enjoys explaining to her Jewish grandmother why other people would want to see dimly lit photos of liquid in glasses. Current favorite drinks: Any of the wellness shots from Kreation Organic and the Gold Rushes at The Varnish in Downtown LA.

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