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Is the Snorting-Condom Challenge the New Tide Pod Fiasco?

Attention parents: While, the “new trend” of snorting condoms sounds dangerous and downright idiotic, it’s not as big of a problem as you might think.

Major news publications, like Fox News and CBS, recently reported on the latest “viral teen trend.” As you may remember, a bunch of Gen Z’ers decided it would be fun to eat Tide Pods and damage their esophageal and stomach linings in 2017. Now, parents nationwide are asking this question: “What new craze has Gen Z dreamed up now?!”

Let us just tell you…it’s disgusting. The condom-snorting challenge involves teenagers sticking a condom up their nose until it comes out toward the back of their throat. They then pull it out of their mouth — definitely not what condoms are intended for.

courtesy of @5thyear Instagram

Now, while parents have the right to teach their children about when and where it’s appropriate to use condoms, the media has also sensationalized the story. According to the fact-checking website, Snopes, most of the videos being circulated are actually from 2013 when the challenge first surfaced at the national level. Some are even dated as far back as 2007. With the Tide Pod challenge still fresh on everyone’s mind, it’s not surprising that parents are anxious about their children’s safety. Snorting condoms is extremely dangerous and can cause major complications if the person ends up swallowing or choking on it. From collapsed lungs to appendicitis, there are a number of reasons why condoms should stay far, far away from the inside of your nose.

That said, it’s not the sweeping trend that news outlets are frenziedly broadcasting to the masses. Yes, we have people who do stupid things like shove latex products up their noses. But don’t worry about the teens; Something tells us that Gen Z is doing just fine.

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