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Ask Mom & Spawn: Take Your Mom To College?

“Hi! I’m moving to college in Cambridge, MA from CA in a few weeks and I’m worried about how my “crazy jewish mom” will deal with it……and I’m also undeniably nervous about being so far away from her as well. Do you have any advice for the separation anxiety both mom & spawn might feel when moving away to college?” – Rachel

@CrazyJewishMom: First of all, you’re allowed to say HARVARD! Everyone knows college in Cambridge = Harvard. Mazel Tov!! You should be proud that you got into such a wonderful school! I’m sure your mother is. Now be a good daughter, and buy her a nice, flattering Harvard sweater.

@KateESiegel: Note: do not buy her a Harvard sweater, unless you want her to wear it everywhere she goes, including to sleep and to formal dinner parties. Trust me on this one.

@CrazyJewishMom: It was one party!

@KateESiegel: Yes, it was one party, but that one party was a black tie party. On to your actual question, Rachel…I wish I could help, but my CJM chose to not “deal with it” and instead to visit so frequently my friends were convinced she was living with me in my dorm room for the first month of college. Then, she even chased me to the east coast – one of the chapters in my book is about how she chose to tell me my entire family was moving to New Jersey.

@CrazyJewishMom: Best decision I ever made. Tell your mother she should move to Boston! At least while you’re there!

@KateESiegel: Again, do not do that. In all seriousness, my mom eventually (kind of) cut the cord, and it was fine! Really, I cut the cord by sending her calls to voicemail, which I think is why she so fervently embraced texting. You and your mom will be just fine. The first year of college is magical, and scary, and fun all at once, and you’ll find a new rhythm for your relationship. I was incredibly anxious right before I started my freshman year, but as soon as I got to campus I got sucked into a million different clubs and new friendships, and my mom gave me the space to do that but also was there for me when I needed her.

@CrazyJewishMom: Calm down, spawn! What is this, the CHEESE FACTORY?! Who raised you to be such a sap? Rachel, you’ll be fine. Your mom will be fine. Just answer all her calls and texts as soon as you get them, and she won’t call campus police to check in on you.

@KateESiegel: The public safety officers at my college knew my mother by name.

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