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Ask Mom & Spawn: Shy Sperminators Need Love Too

“I made a huge change in my life two years ago. I moved from New York to Oregon. In doing so, I got a fresh start but, it’s a little too fresh. I have a couple of friends who I knew before moving but, I haven’t made many more. Dating is also quite hard for me. It doesn’t help either that my mom has been begging me for grandchildren. I have always been incredibly shy and very much an introvert. Any advice on how to get comfortable meeting people and getting over the shyness?” – Scott

@CrazyJewishMom: First of all, your Sperm aren’t shy. So get over it. Sign up for every dating site in Oregon. Oregon Trail singles, whatever!

@KateESiegel: I TOTALLY get the shyness. It’s hard, which my mother doesn’t fully understand, because she is about as shy as a used car salesman. While I wouldn’t say I’m shy, I am extremely introverted. Crowds of people are a panic attack and casual small talk is as frightening to me as I imagine kryptonite is to superman. Best advice I have, is to just force yourself to do it. Eventually, it starts to feel less like chinese water torture wrapped in a stress dream and it becomes more manageable. I always just remind myself: YOU WILL NOT DIE FROM THIS. NO MATTER HOW AWKWARD YOU ARE AT THIS DINNER PARTY, THE OUTCOME WILL NOT BE DEATH.

@CrazyJewishMom: Exactly! You’re not going to die. Worst case scenario…you go up to a girl and get rejected. So WHAT? There is no Dating Jail, and there are 100 other girls who would love to talk to you! I’m telling you sign up for all the dating apps.

@KateESiegel: And if you’re a fan of the STONE AGE concept of actually meeting another human being in person, there are lots of great ways to do this too. Not to turn into my mother here, but she does have good advice on this topic. When I was single, she always told (harassed) me to go places where the kinds of guys I like hang out. Actually, she wanted me to go ivy league med school libraries and loiter at the entrances of prestigious law firms, so I guess it was more about the kinds of guys SHE might like.

@CrazyJewishMom: Stand by it.

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