Man Proves Love Still Exists by Live Tweeting a Blossoming Coffee Shop Romance

Coffee Shop

It is putting it lightly to say 2016 has been a trying year, but this man (Jerry, our hero) found a spot of joy by live tweeting the beginning of a romance in a coffee shop!

Jerry was the only customer in a Brooklyn coffee shop when the female employee announced her feelings for her male coworker. Impressed by the barista’s courage, Jerry began live tweeting the moment as any true lover of romance would!

Her romantic interest was stunned by her pronouncement of love and retreated to reflect and recollect himself; however, he emerged from the back room as the human embodiment of the heart-eyes emoji!

After witnessing a real-life Love Actually moment play out in front of him, Jerry manned the coffee shop while the love-birds took a couple minutes to chat about their feelings for each other.

After it was all over, Jerry collected a free muffin and emerged from the coffee shop with a renewed faith in humanity and belief in love…

He got a sick story out of it all AND a free muffin. Not a bad way to spend a quiet night!

We wish the happy couple well and thank our hero Jerry for capturing the precious moment for all of us!

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