Patti Stanger’s 7 Tips To Make Being Single on New Year’s NOT Suck

Love guru and all around #GirlBoss, Patti Stanger of WE TV’s Million Dollar Matchmaker, made some time to chat with me about love and New Year’s Eve. For single humans everywhere, this night can feel like a walking talking panic attack: Will I meet someone? Will I be the only one without someone to kiss at midnight? Will I kiss a stranger and then have him throw up in my mouth?

It’s a loaded holiday, and Patti Stanger has some seriously insightful advice on how single women can make this night fun! Here are the top nuggets of wisdom Ms. Stanger shared:


1. Let go of the past!


“Start it off with a spiritual wish. The past is the past; you didn’t meet anyone. Stop putting pressure on yourself. Just light a candle, take a breath, let go of the past, and look to the future.”



“This holiday puts way too much pressure on people. It’s ridiculous; it really is! It’s like ‘oh my god, I have no one to kiss me!’ And then you’ve got six weeks to valentine’s day! It’s really bad for single people now for the next six weeks. Christmas is family; thanksgiving is family, but then new years and Valentine’s…it’s too much pressure!”

3. Try A Girl’s Night!



“So, I think it’s great to grab your girlfriends and do a pajama party! Hang, watch your favorite movies, things that make you laugh, not that make you cry, and just get your support system going!”

4. If you do go out, do your homework.


“Have low key expectations. If a friend is having a party, invite as many single people, male and female as you can. If you’re going to someone else’s party, ask questions: Who’s going? How many people are going to be single? So, you don’t feel like the third wheel. If they’re all couples, you’re going to feel like crap.”

5. Assemble your #GirlSquad


“If you’re young and you’re clubbing it, and you’re going to places like that, men will go out in packs, so you can go out with your girlfriends for protection, you want a designated driver or uber if you’re in the city. So, you can go out, but don’t go to the prix fixe dinners, because that’s where you’re going to feel the worst.”

6. Bumble in Advance!


“This is a week where you can start bumbling it…you can start getting online. I’m noticing a lot more men are online right now, just because they’re hunting! They don’t want to go into a new year alone either! Not every man is hooked up! I wouldn’t use tinder; I think tinder is too much of a hookup, but I would use a bumble, or whatever site you’re on. I kind of tend to like bumble; they tend to seem more normal. But I wouldn’t go on tinder, because then they’re gonna think you want to get laid because it’s that kind of a week. They’re gonna think they’ll pour alcohol down your throat, and you’re just gonna spread. That’s not gonna happen.”

7.  Remember, the New Year’s Eve meet-cute can happen.


“There have been people, like my grandparents, a lot of people I know have met on New Years Eve, so it is a bright shiny do over kind of mulligan night. It’s a night where everyone’s happy and up and optimistic! But don’t put pressure. If a date doesn’t come, and you’re not invited to a party, make the most of it in your house. One year me and my girlfriends got together and did a spa night!”

There you have it, ladies! And as a bonus, I asked Patti if she’s ever had any embarsssing New Year’s Eve moments, something to make the rest of us mere mortals feel okay about our dating disasters, and she shared this highly relatable story:Single

“One year I got a little too drunk which doesn’t usually happen to me. With tequila you get babies, and I thought I got pregnant..I went to this party and they started early, and I’m not a good drinker, and I didn’t pace myself, and so I threw up all over my boyfriend’s car. And he spent the whole night cleaning it, actually it was my car…he cleaned the whole car. He took me home, he put me in the bath, he did everything perfect…and at the end I turn to him and go ‘I think I’m pregnant.’ And he was like ‘You are never going out again.’ I mean, I went on top of the tables and took my bra off and was doing a coyote ugly…I don’t know what was in that tequila, but I was like 28.”


Image Courtesy of PattiKnows

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