This High Schooler Took His Grandma To Prom, And It’s ADORABLE!

Image Courtesy of YouTube/ABC News

As high schoolers across the country are getting getting dressed up for a night of merriment at their proms, South Carolina junior Connor Campbell had the best prom date of them all: his Grandma Jane!

Campbell’s promposal took place way back in 2016, and the two were probably one of the cutest couples at his school’s junior prom.

Dressed in matching tones of blush, Grandma Jane was a vision in a pink gown and jacket. She said that she got her hair and makeup done that day and was all kinds of beautiful in her dress. Campbell complimented his suit and tie with a pale pink rose boutonnière that matched his grandma’s corsage.

At prom the two danced the night away and posed in a photo booth to commemorate the evening.

Granda Jane’s favorite part of the night was dancing with her grandson. “He’s not a dancer, but I am,” she said. She also got to meet all of Campbell’s friends, all of who came up to to introduce themselves at some point during the night!

Check out some more photos of the adorable pair in the video below!

Though Grandma Jane said that she had a fantastic night with Connor, she’s hoping that he’ll have a girlfriend to take to his senior prom next year.

She should get in touch with CrazyJewishMom for a full lesson on matchmaking! They’ll get him set up in no time with minimal catfishing (granted we can’t make any promises on the catfishing)!


Image Courtesy of YouTube/ABC News

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