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Ask Mom & Spawn: My Family Uninvited my Boyfriend From my Sister’s Wedding…Because He’s Muslim.

She’s the maid of honor, but her family pretty much said no to her Muslim boyfriend. What should she do?

“Hi mom and spawn! I have an interesting issue for you. My sister is getting married in a month, I am of course the MOH! Recently, we had some drama with a long-time friend of the family when he realized my boyfriend was raised Muslim. He is refusing to attend the wedding unless my boyfriend is uninvited. I am extremely upset at the family friend and I refuse to speak or be in the same room as him. Now, my sister thinks uninviting my boyfriend aka my date is the best way to prevent drama. I am hurt and angry at my family for bending to the will of a horrible human being!!! My boyfriend and I have been together for three years, he lives a few states over, and he has already bought his plane ticket. I haven’t told him what’s going on; I don’t have the heart to hurt him like that. It’s her wedding but I can barely look at her without wanting to shake sense into her. What do I do?” – Anonymous

@CrazyJewishMom: Oh honey, I’m sorry that’s terrible.

@KateFriedmanSiegel: Yeah, this is incredibly messed up.

@CrazyJewishMom: On one hand, I want you to tell everyone to go fuck themselves, and go to Hawaii with your boyfriend the day of the wedding. But on the other hand, it’s your sister, so you need to find a solution. Maybe we should kill the asshole, racist family friend? Problem solved. I’ll help!

@KateFriedmanSiegel: Nope, nope nope. I think you have to try and get through to your sister. You may have already tried, but I think it’s worth laying all your feelings on the table. Maybe she doesn’t fully understand how hurtful this is for you and how painful it will be for your boyfriend if he hears about all this.

@CrazyJewishMom: But really? Can’t we just kill the family friend? Or at least uninvite HIM instead??

@KateFriedmanSiegel: Nope again to murder. Look, I get the idea of your sister wanting to ‘prevent drama’ on her big day, but there’s really no way for her to do that. Either, your boyfriend comes and the jackass who started this mess is uncomfortable, or your boyfriend doesn’t come, and she starts a life-long problem with her potential brother-in-law. I don’t know, but it seems like there’s an obvious answer here for your sister if the goal is really minimizing drama … maybe present it to her like that? I really think she needs to understand how painful the position she’s putting you in is, and hopefully she’ll do the right thing.

@CrazyJewishMom: Look, I say castrate the racist, family friend. But at the very least, UNINVITE HIM.

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