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6 Different Ways to Celebrate Cheese on National Cheese Day!

Warning: If you’re lactose intolerant, this article may be cruel and unusual punishment.

Who doesn’t love a good cheese? Whether it’s smelly, spicy, or just plain, old classic cheddar, the protein “casein” in cheese keeps us coming back for more. Now, while some people try to fight the amazing joy of biting into a handful of mac and cheese, consuming the perfect slice of cheesy pizza, or just gnawing on a block of cheese in the middle of the night (hey — we aren’t judging), most of us give into the hedonic pleasure. For those who like to live and consume cheese without any regrets, here is our list of cheese-inspired recipes for all your cravings.

If you’re craving something a lil’ spicy:


This jalapeño and red pepper cheese ball is totally versatile. From being an appetizer at a fancy dinner party to your midnight snack (even though you swore you wouldn’t anymore), this cheese ball hits all the right spots … and it takes five minutes to prepare. Talk about fancy meeting efficient! Get the recipe here.

If you’re craving something classically cheesy:


Who doesn’t love a good mac n’ cheese? Whether it’s your main dish or your side dish (but let’s be real, it’s always a main dish), mac and cheese is food for the soul. Now it’s easy to get caught up in fancy, hipster re-creations, but nothing will ever beat this classic cheddar dish

If you’re craving something sweet:


If you don’t love cheesecake, are you even human? Even though cheesecake is always delicious, we do concede that sometimes it can get a bit ~boring~. Never fear! This chocolate peanut-butter recipe takes cheesecake from satisfying to amazing! Who said that we couldn’t experiment with cheese? Get the recipe here.

If you’re craving something fancy:


Cheddar, mozzarella, and goat cheese — OH MY! This three-cheese quiche hits just the spot when you’re feeling a little extra classy — but still don’t want to over-do it. This recipe is as easy as 1, 2, 3 (cheeses) and will make all your friends think you are some kind of wizard in the kitchen. Plus, just think of all the cheese you get to enjoy at once!

If you’re craving something with twist:


Now, we all can get behind some bread, cheese, and a toaster oven. But after a while, these grilled cheeses can become a tad bit boring. That’s why it’s time to put a tropical twist on this classic hit. This Hawaiian grilled cheese is tangy, sweet and salty all in one; it’s like you don’t even need to eat anything else. Get the recipe here.

If you’re craving something cheesy, but healthy:


Who says you can’t be healthy AND eat cheese? Most doctors? What do they know. This three cheese and sage ravioli will satisfy all your casein cravings, while also keeping you from feeling guilty for eating it. With part-skim ricotta cheese, goat cheese and parmesan, this cheesy delight will leave you smiling. 



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