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#WhatTheHellHappened: To The Woman Who Felt Guilty For Kissing a Man Who Wasn’t Her Husband

For this week’s #WhatTheHellHappened, we caught up with Anonymous, who wrote in because she was feeling extremely guilty about kissing another man who isn’t her now-husband while she was waiting for him to propose. It had been several years of a happy marriage … but she still felt guilty and wasn’t sure if she should come clean. While I said that “honesty is the most important thing you can have in a relationship” and that she should consider telling the truth, my mother believed she should keep her mouth shut. Also, according to my mother, “he’s lucky you didn’t castrate him with a rusty butter knife,” for making Anonymous wait for a ring.

So, #WhatTheHellHappened? Here’s a refresher on Anonymous’ original story, and an update from her below!

“My now-husband and I dated for 5 years before he proposed. By year 5, I was frustrated with waiting for a proposal, but wasn’t ready to leave because I love him so much. During that year, a guy asked me on a date, and I went, and we kissed. I never saw him again, but I am still so racked with guilt over what happened. We’re now several years into a happy and wonderful marriage, but I still haven’t forgiven myself for what I did. Should I tell him? I don’t want to hurt him, and a part of me feels like I missed the boat for coming clean on this a few years ago.” – Anonymous

So, #WhatTheHellHappened to her?

“In short, after writing in, I decided to follow your mom’s advice (sorry!), and have decided to just let it go. I think bringing it up at this point would do more harm than good, and I don’t think it’s fair to hurt my husband just to make myself feel better. I appreciate your feedback on everything. It was really instrumental in helping me decide what to do here.” – Anonymous

@KateFriedmanSiegel: No sorry needed at all! I’m just so glad to hear that you are feeling confident about the future and have been able to move past everything. Wish you and your husband the absolute best!

@CrazyJewishMom: Mother is always right.

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