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#WhatTheHellHappened: To The Woman Whose Baby Daddy Was Dragging His Feet Over His Divorce

In this week’s #WhatTheHellHappened, we caught up with “Pregnant & Worried,” who originally wrote in because she was having a baby with her boyfriend … who was still legally married and seemingly dragging his feet. Apparently, he and his hopefully soon-to-be-ex-wife fought every time they talked and couldn’t get anything done. To that, my mom said: “You know what’s a lot more unpleasant than getting a couple mean texts from an ex? SHOVING A CANTELOUPE OUT OF YOUR HOOHA! This is the least he could do.” I agreed, stating that dragging it out is just as painful, and since they are starting a family, she should push him to finalize everything ASAP. 

So, #WhatTheHellHappened? Here’s a refresher on Pregnant & Worried’s original story, and an update from her below! 

“I am about 6 months pregnant with my boyfriend’s baby and couldn’t be happier, but he is still legally married. When we first got together almost two years ago his wife had suggested they try an open relationship and two months later decided she wanted a divorce, I was ecstatic but at the same time worried about how he would handle the divorce. Now almost two years later they are both dragging their feet to get things done with. They don’t talk and that’s a big part of it, because they can’t even text each other without fighting. I’m having his baby in May and would really like it if he was legally divorced before the baby comes. He says he wants to get married and we recently got a new house together, but how do I get him to stop dragging his feet with his soon to be ex wife without being too pushy?” -Pregnant & Worried

So, #WhatTheHellHappened to her?

My now fiancé will have his divorce finalized on the 20th of this month, and then we plan on having a quiet courthouse ceremony for our own wedding within the next two or three months. I had our baby boy in the middle of May, and we are all doing really well and adjusting wonderfully with the exception of our dogs who now think we don’t love them as much as we used to, even though we definitely do. 

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